Heartland Visioning was created in 2008 designed to work collaboratively with organizations and individuals from both the public and private sectors on bringing significant change in the areas of economic development and overall quality of life. Much of our early start-up work involving large project change required years of planning and development. Today, our downtown is being revitalized – project completion is set for 2016. 

Currently, Riverfront has passed both the House and Senate, signed by the President as part of the Water Resources Act and is proceeding to the Appropriations Committee – project completion is anticipated sometime in 2019-2020. Our arts district, NOTO, has evolved into a thriving, growing, and new economic engine for the entire City. With 36 new businesses, over 30 artists and over 2,000 people attending our First Friday Art Walk events, this successful project is on its way to full sustainability.

Multiple projects in the areas of Education, Social Services, Public Health, Public Safety and Infrastructure have been established resulting in significant changes in our community. In part, Heartland Visioning efforts can claim some level of accomplishment in all of these areas.