des moines partnership
75 participants from Topeka travelled to to Des Moines, Iowa on an inter-city visit to learn best practices. Des Moines has an organization called Capital Crossroads: A Vision Forward which functions similarly to Heartland Visioning.

They have 600 volunteers and 10 capitals or priorities. This community is very collaborative and partnership-driven…which we love!

Des Moines Nurturing Community Pride: View the Powerpoint story sharing how Des Moines started trending nationally on Twitter! 

Catch Des Moines: Enhancing Pride and Perception and Nurturing Community Pride Notes: Read more about how they spread pride through social media ambassadors.

Downtown Farmer’s Market: Read about how their market has grown into a huge downtown event. 

Capital Crossroads Vision Plan Notes: Read more details about how the Visioning organization operates in Des Moines.

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