In 2013 the community spoke about wanting to increase civic pride and community involvement. The truth is, there are some highly innovative and collaborative projects occurring in Topeka and Shawnee County. Heartland Visioning aims to bring a positive light to these through an Community Pride Campaign. We are a #TopCity!

Health & Safety, Spring 2017

Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods and Safe Streets represent Topeka & Shawnee County’s health and safety coalitions. They are working hard for improving the quality of life for all citizens and anyone is welcome to join in this work. Find more information on their websites here: &  We are proud of our partnerships and we are TOPEKA PROUD! Dave Uhler of Berkeley Square Media Inc. was the producer.

Watch the video here!

Vision Topeka, Fall 2016

Mayor of Topeka, Larry Wolgast shares his excitement for the future. He highlights projects in Topeka’s Dynamic Core including Jayhawk Theatre, Cyrus Hotel, Constitution Hall, Riverfront Development, National Park Service Oregon Trail Park and NOTO Arts District Phase II Development. These developments along with public/private partnerships are working to improve the Quality of Life in Topeka & Shawnee County. Join him in being, TOPEKA PROUD! Dave Uhler of Berkeley Square Media Inc. was the producer.

Watch the video here!

America’s Crossroads to Freedom, Topeka Proud, Spring 2016

We are proud of our past. We are proud of our freedoms. We have a vision for the future. We are Topeka Proud! Celebrating our rich heritage, diversity, past, and future this video certainly leaves you feeling proud. Heartland Visioning created a committee through the Community Pride Network Team to create this video. Dave Uhler of Berkeley Square Media Inc. was the producer. 

Watch the video here!

Downtown Topeka Proud, Fall 2015

Working with Downtown Topeka Inc. we contracted with Philip (Brail) Watson to produce the music and Dave Uhler of Berkeley Square Media Inc. to produce the full video and WIBW to produce the commercial spot that features Brail’s original song and images of downtown. The hope is to get the community excited about the changes coming to downtown!


Topeka Metro Bikes, Summer 2015 



Pine Ridge Prep, Spring 2015

Pine Ridge Prep and Parents as Teachers Program was produced by KTWU. It is an example of the collaborative partnership between Topeka Public Schools, Topeka Housing Authority, and United Way Greater Topeka. Watch for this ad as well as our next one on the Bike Share Program on TV, Youtube, and other social media venues. Each ad will end with a group of people sharing another truth, “We are Topeka Proud!”