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The National Park Service conducted a week long Design Charette at the Great Overland Station August 22-26, 2016. Check out some of the highlights! 

  • The National Park Service celebrated their centennial on August 25. Topeka hosted a birthday celebration for the National Trails Intermountain Region & Brown vs. Board of Education at the Great Overland Station.FullSizeRenderIMG 4687IMG 4689
  • Quincy Elementary Students involvement in concept ideas and Birthday celebrations with singing was the highlight for everyone!
    IMG 4627IMG 4684
  • There were 50+ people at Monday’s open house, 100+ people at Tuesday’s all-day charette and 70+ people at Friday’s reveal!
    IMG 4658
  • Participants joined us from around the state including 10 of the Oregon & California Trails Association members consisting of the State President, National Vice President and National Secretary. We even included members of the Kansas State University Faculty.
  • This project will take time to finish, but good and necessary steps are occurring right now including contributions on levees directed by the Army Corp of Engineers.
  • View what Topekan’s think Charette and Pappan’s Ferry mean here.
  • You can view more pictures and video at Heartland Visoining’s Facebook.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.

water feature perspective 1ferry perspective 1
On levee looking SW at OREG rend
National Park Service Concept Designs

Pappans Ferry Drawing

Pappan’s Ferry in Topeka, Kansas Territory drawing done by Worrall, Henry, 1857
Read more about the historic Pappan’s Ferry Crossing here


Oregon Trail Park Advisory Committee
Thank you to all the organizations involved in this process!