In 2015 Heartland Visioning dedicated its efforts toward verifying the community priorities and educating the public about the successful changes in our community since 2008. To verify community priorities we created a survey for people to complete during our public presentations held between April and October of 2015. We looked for changes in positive perception, areas of pride and continued opportunities for future impact.

Survey Methodology
The survey was created by Heartland Visioning staff and reviewed by the Management Committee. The survey was composed of fill in questions. Survey respondents were asked to respond to each question by circling provided responses and adding additional comments. Each survey was completed at the end of public presentations including Community Engagements with Shawnee County Public Library, Parks + Recreation, and presentations to retired teachers, Westar, Leadership Greater Topeka, etc. See full list of groups who participated here. See full survey here

Surveys were completed and data was tabulated, with extra comments thematically analyzed using the Delphi method to sort them into relatable responses. Survey respondents included a wide range of ages from 20 through 65+ with representation both male and female. Different community agencies and organizations were represented in this information gathering process.

1. What do you perceive as positive change in Topeka?


1. Why are you proud of Topeka?
1. What do you want for the future of Topeka?
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