Prepared for: Heartland Visioning 

Prepared by: Washburn University School of Business, Marketing Research Class Fall 2015 and Spring 2016
Marketing Research Class

Washburn University’s Marketing Research Class under the direction of Professor Tom Hickman partnered with Heartland Visioning in two research survey’s regarding entertainment preferences and spending habits of Topeka residents. Importance of entertainment acitvity was rated and platforms were measured for use with Google, Facbook and word of mouth being the highest. Lastly, there was a direct correlation between people with higher city pride sharing more through word of mouth and then spending more money locally. This is a great statistic! 

Executive Summary of total respondants (1,000)

First Survey included 336 respondents almost all Washburn Students (ages 18-34)

Second Survey included 664 respondents from a convenience sample of people in specific organizations

“55% of a respondent’s positive word of mouth score can be explained by their city pride. This value is very high, and means that increasing city pride among Topeka residents would also increase their positive word of mouth. If City pride was increased for the number of Topeka residents, and that led to an increase in positive word of mouth, then there would potentially be a great economic benefit for the community of Topeka. More residents would likely begin spending their money locally, rather than going somewhere else for these occasions” (Research Report, Topeka Residents Entertainment and Spending Preferences, p. 7).